All patients booked for a procedure at the Victorian Gut Centre will be provided with a Patient Fee Estimation Form outlining the fees applicable to your admission.  This form must be read, signed and returned to the Victorian Gut Centre no later than 5 working days prior to your admission. The Victorian Gut Centre does not charge fees above the Gap and require fees to be paid on admission.

Private Health Insurance

If you have Private Health Insurance and are covered for the procedure, you will be out of pocket your excess/co-payment (if applicable).

If you have a restricted level of cover, you may be required to pay out of pockets costs for gap fees.

It is recommended you contact your Private Health Insurance prior to admission to check if you are fully covered and if an excess or co-payment does apply to your level of cover prior to admission.


If you do not have Private Health Insurance we can bill Medicare on your behalf for medical fees. You will only need to pay the hospital fee and if needed, the cost of any additional charges.

If you are not privately insured, your hospital out-of-pocket costs are not covered by Medicare.

If you do not have Private Health Insurance or Medicare, there are 4 separate accounts which may be issued regarding your procedure.  

If you have Overseas Private Health Insurance (and no Medicare), you will need to pay all accounts up front. Depending on your Private Health Insurance and the level of cover you have, you may be able to claim money back through your private insurance.