For colonoscopy, it is important that the bowel/colon is empty to allow for a complete and thorough examination. It is very important that you follow the directions on preparing for the colonoscopy, so your procedure can be completed effectively.

Generally, you should continue all regular medications, even on the day of the procedure with a sip of water. If you take medications for diabetes or blood thinners seek specific advice from your GP or specialist/endoscopist.

Most patients having a Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy should expect to be at our facility for about 2-3 hours from arrival to discharge home. We will contact the person picking you up one hour prior to your discharge time.

Following your procedure, the endoscopist will see you in recovery to discuss your results.  You will also be handed a copy of the written report as well as be advised of any follow up appointments that may be required with either your GP or the Specialist.

For patients having a colonoscopy or gastroscopy, the anaesthetist will administer a light intravenous sedation, which can affect your concentration and memory and remains in your system for a period of up to 12 hours. Driving under the influence of drugs is illegal, so you must have someone to take you home after your procedure. You can resume driving 12 hours after your procedure.

If you are returning home in a taxi you must be accompanied by your carer.

It is advised that you return to work no sooner than the day after your procedure as intravenous sedation can affect your concentration and memory.

If you are responsible for operating heavy machinery, it is advised that you wait 24 hours post procedure to resume your duties.

Medical and Carer Certificates, for the day of attendance, will be provided upon request.