Patient Rights

All patients have a right to:

Courteous and respectful care at all times and under all circumstances.
Maintenance of personal dignity.
Have their beliefs, ethnic, cultural and religious practices shall be respected.
Privacy of personal information.
Discreet discussion of personal details and clinical status.
Be fully informed prior to any treatment and give consent following reasonable discussion regarding the procedure, risks, diagnosis and treatment options.
Be provided with written information about the cost of treatment, including likely out-of- pocket expenses.
Seek another medical opinion.
Participate in decisions about your care.
Names and roles of health care workers involved in his/her care.
Refuse the presence of health care workers not directly involved in their care.
Discharge him/herself at any time during the episode of care, unless compromised
Comment on or complain about the quality of the service they have received.

Patient Responsibilities

The Victorian Gut Centre requires you:

To provide an accurate medical history to enable safe care
To follow medical advice.
To be considerate of other patients and staff.
To be respectful of Victorian Gut Centre staff and property.
Seek advice about cost of treatment prior to procedure.