A copy of discharge instructions may be provided in advance as well as any specific information on the day of your procedure.

Following gastroscopy or colonoscopy, you may experience:

  •  Drowsiness for a few hours.  If possible, rest when you arrive home.
  •  Abdominal discomfort and/or bloating. This feeling is a result of air being introduced during the procedure, and will pass.
  •  Local tenderness or bruising at the injection site used to administer your sedation.

For 12 hours following intravenous sedation you must not:

  •  Drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery
  •  Drink alcohol
  •  Sign legal documents
  •  Conduct business agreements
  •  Exercise
  •  Return to Work

Following your procedure, you may return to your normal diet unless otherwise specified.

The nurse will also advise you of any follow up instructions or appointments that may have been made for you.

For 24 hours following Intravenous sedation you must not:

  •  Operate heavy machinery
  •  Drive a ‘heavy licence’ vehicle

Please note: There is no Emergency Department or emergency services located at the Victorian Gut Centre, however, we will provide you with the locations of several local emergency departments if required.

Discharge instructions