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The Victorian Gut Centre Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to “Provide 1 st Class Medical Care and a positive patient experience” and our Vision is to be, “Melbourne’s Premier Comprehensive Gastro intestinal Centre”

To do this we will offer patients a comprehensive service that extends beyond endoscopy. If you wish we have Allied Health professionals including Dieticians, Physio and Psychologists that specialise on gut issues.

Patient Referrals

For Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy or Specialist Consultation, please click the following link to print a copy of the referral.

Referral Document

Referrals can be faxed through on 03 9466 8455.

Open Access / Direct Access Investigations

The Victorian Gut Centre is pleased to offer your patients Open Access to Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy. If your patient meets the basic admission criteria they can be seen as an Open Access Patient without need of a separate visit for consultation saving them time and expense. We will provide them with the first available appointment with one of our endoscopists. Following the appointment, you will receive a written report of the procedure and any recommendations.

If your patient does not meet the basic admission criteria they may require a consultation prior to the procedure. This consultation will be arranged at the earliest time possible and following the consultation a booking for the procedure will be made at the Victorian Gut Centre or an alternate centre depending on the patients care requirements.

Following the procedure your patient will return to your care or referred for follow-up at your discretion.

Important information for GP's

The care and safety of your patient is critical to our mission. The Victorian Gut Centre provides a pre-admission check to all patients booked for a procedure. This preadmission process promotes discharge planning at the time of booking to ensure optimal pre-procedure preparation and reduce the number of cancellations. To streamline this process, The Victorian Gut Centre has clearly defined Admission Criteria, Anaesthetic Guidelines and Exclusion Criteria.

Admission Criteria

Mobility - patients must be able to walk and get up onto patient trolley unaided. They should also be able to climb a flight of stairs.

Medical Co-morbidity - Open Access patients with significant co-morbities such as diabetes, immunosuppression or respiratory failure must have had a consultation with the endoscopist prior to being admitted for their procedure

Myocardial Infarction - patient has not had an AMI within last 3 months

Cerebral Vascular Accident - patient has not had a stroke within the last 3 months

Anti-coagulants - Open Access patients on anti-coagulants must have had a consultation with the endoscopist prior to being admitted for their procedure

Iron Medication – Oral iron medications including vitamins with iron must be ceased 5 days prior to colonoscopy

Age - patient must be 15 - 75. If your patient is greater than 75 years we will assess and can arrange for one of our specialists to complete an assessment and determine the best path for care.

Carer - patient must have a responsible adult to care for them on discharge

Transport - patient must have a responsible adult to drive them home or escort them if taking public transport


Exclusion Criteria

Normally, Patients with the following are not accepted for admission at The Victorian Gut Centre:

A patient with a BMI of 40 or greater for Gastroscopy

A patient with a BMI of 45 or greater for Colonoscopy

Any patient with weight of 130kg or greater for any procedure

Patients unable to walk up a flight of stairs or get up and on the procedure trolley

Patients with a known severe latex allergy requiring the use of an Epipen

Children aged less than 16 years

Internal cardiac defibrillator in situ 

Patients who are Pregnant

Known allergy to Propofol (Diprivan)/ severe egg allergy.

Patients with a disability whom require a carer

Patients referred from a high level residential aged care facility.

Patients with diagnosed malignant hyperthermia susceptibility after halothane/caffeine contracture test on biopsied muscle or malignant hyperthermia susceptible relatives.

AMI (heart attack), Stroke or Stent insertion in the last 3 months.

Patients with communicable diseases, C.diff, or patients requiring the application of airborne or droplet precautions.

Severely immune-compromised Patients-Diagnostic neutropenia

Severe COAD/emphysema, or requiring home oxygen.

Should you require any further information on the above or seek information on any of the services The Victorian Gut Centre provides, please do not hesitate to telephone us on 03 9466 8466.

Patient Fees

If your patient has Private Health Insurance, their excess if applicable will be payable on admission. Depending on their cover, you may be required to pay out of pocket costs. We do not bill patients above the GAP however several insurers are now offering lower cost policies that do not cover the GAP so patients may need to pay this difference.

For patients with Medicare but no private health insurance we will bulk bill them for specialist fees including the anesthetist and bill them for the hospital fees directly.

If your patients do not have Private Health Insurance or Medicare, we can provide them with an estimate of the costs that would include specialists and hospital costs.

Order Referral Pads

We are pleased to provide your practice with additional referral pads. Please complete the details below and submit or simply call 9466 8466 and we will be pleased to have new referral pads sent out within 24 hours.

Referral Pads

Accreditation and Memberships

The Victorian Gut Centre is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for patients and staff and is a registered Private Day Procedure Centre. We are also fully accredited with ISO 9001 and NSQHS.

We are also a member of the Day Hospital Australia (formerly Australian Day Hospital Association) and all professional staff are registered with APRHA.